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Thursday, February 21, 2008
MoVida (City)
I recently returned to MoVida after tasting some of their amazing food a couple of months ago. This time it was an early sitting before seeing "Shout" at The Arts Centre and I managed to get a seat at the bar. I think this is definitely the way to go at MoVida as it is comfortable, allows you to look into the kitchen and best of all it means that you can simply rock up without booking months in advance and enjoy the fantastic creations of owner/chef Frank Camorra. MoVida does NOT accept bookings for the bar.

To start with I order a couple of the tapa: a croqueta, and a scallop. I then move on to the racion (larger dishes) and must try the Cecina and the rabbit. As expected the food is excellent. I think you would struggle to find better value food of this quality anywhere in Melbourne. A hungry person can easily eat like a king for under $50 and that's really saying something, seeing that some of our best restaurants are nearing the $50 mark for a main course.

Here is a quick summary of the meal. Every dish as good as the other.

"Croqueta" ($3) - Fried Croquette filled with mushrooms.
A wonderful oval shaped parcel lightly crumbed with a silky mushroom centre. There is an intense, creamy mushroom flavour and it is a delicious way to start.

"Vieira, jamon y espuma" ($4.50) - Half shell scallop oven baked with jamon and potato foam.
A single scallop sits in the shell with a thin shaving of jamon (air dried ham) topped with the lightest potato foam and finished with a herb oil. Really good.

"Cecina" ($17) - Air cured wagyu beef thinly sliced with a truffle foam and poached egg.
This is a dish which carries high expectations. It was awarded "Dish of the Year" in the 2007 Good Food Guide so it has to be good. It is. Sitting on the plate are several thin slices of wagyu bresaola, an air cured beef, which covers the base. On top of this is another impossibly light, truffle scented foam and the plate is finished with a soft poached egg. Upon my waiters advice I break the egg open and let the yolk explode and then mix it all together. The result is a warm, light fluffy dish with the sweet cured wagyu meat contrasting against the warmth and saltiness of the foam and egg topping. It really comes together so well and you get a warm fuzzy sort of a feeling when you are eating it.

"Conejo" ($17.50) - Confit farmed rabbit twice cooked with piquillo peppers.
Another generous tasty dish. Pieces of rabbit meat, which have been slow cooked are later crumbed and fried before serving. The meat is served on a bed of roasted peppers and a sweet, sour vinagrette. An excellent accompaniment to the tender and flavoursome rabbit meat and a successful dish on the whole.

"Flan con pestinos" ($10) - Creme caramel served with spiced sherry pastries.
An excellent versions of the classic French desert. Perfectly formed and served with some lovely little pastries, made with sherry and coated in a cinamon sugar. An excellent way to end the meal.

Overall MoVida remains an exceptional place to eat with good service, a great atmosphere and truly excellent food at modest prices. No wonder its always full and getting a table booking at peak times can take months.

My rating for MoVida is: 16/20
Excellent Food (8.5/10), Good atmosphere, informal comfortable feel (4/5), Good Service (3.5/5)


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