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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Sydney: Foodie adventures I haven't posted
Last month I went on a trip to Sydney with good friends Robert & Kat. Here are a few experiences that I have never got around to posting.

1) East Ocean Chinese Restaurant: In a nutshell, dissappointed. The a la carte food was pretty average, though some of the live fish dishes (which we did not order) looked excellent. I returned the following night (because it was the only yum cha open at midnight) for yum cha, which was excellent, though one of my scallop dumplings was full of broken bits of shell, which kind of ruined the whole experience again. Service was also rather disgraceful. They must be given some credit though: for getting our order right on both occasions.

A la carte:
Roasted BBQ duck: OK, but lots of bones and less than perfect meat and skin.

Salt and Pepper Calamari: Coated in a heavy batter which made it difficult to really taste and enjoy.

Chicken with broccoli: Once again fine, but nothing exciting.

Yum Cha: Good quality and good value - much better food quality than anything I have experienced in Melbourne

Scallop Dumplings: The best thing I tried and the worst. Wonderful freshness, though a mouth full of crushed scallop shell is not a nice experience.

Prawn Dumplings:

Pork Dumplings:

Pork buns: Light and fluffy with real chunks of meat.

2) Gung Ho: A cheap Asian restaurant, in Haymarket next to our original accommodation, that served up rather tasty offerings for the $10-$13 price of most dishes. Probably worthy of a full review: very friendly staff and a great informal place to eat. Robert and Kat ate here several times.

A chicken and vegetable soup; served with rice and salad:

Extremely tender beef brisket red curry: I really liked this.

A good version of salt and pepper calamari with a light, crispy batter:

3) Lenotre Afternoon Tea @ The Sofitel Wentworth: As a Club Sofitel guest this was a fabulous complimentary indulgence every afternoon, as was an excellent brekfast, as well as canapes and top shelf booze in the evenings. I must also give praise to the first rate accommodation and uber comfy beds.

Dessert selection:
Lenotre Dessert platter:

Eclair and lemon tart: Yum.

Chocolate millefeuille and raspberry macaroon: More yum.

4) MV2000 Dinner Cruise: A fantastic experience. I went for the Sky Deck Gold 7-course degustation dinner with an open bar and matched wines, which was $159. The food was pretty good, but not exceptional. It was a lot of fun though: live music and got better and better as I drunk more and the night went on. Will definitely do this again the next time I am in Sydney.

The vessel:

Main Course:


Oh, and I can proudly say that I climed the bridge.

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At April 9, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh lenotre! ive always wanted to try their afternoon tea that stand looks very impressive!

At November 25, 2009 at 8:07 PM, Anonymous Melbourne Hotels said...

I guess you gain much weight on this foodie adventure of yours. But in fairness, the food really looks good and it is mouth watering especially the calamari. I am calamari addict. Well i live along the shore. Nice blog. You took a very nice shots on every subject. Thank you for sharing it to the readers.


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