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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Skinny Dog Hotel (Kew) - Melbourne's biggest Parma!
The Skinny Dog hotel continues to offer what is one of Melbourne's biggest Chicken Parmagiannas, and possibly also one of its best.

It has been a couple of years between visits but last weekend called for a lunch trip out to Kew, and how could we go to the Skinny Dog and not order their famous parmie. $25 gets you a gigantic oval plate sized parma - good quality chicken breast, a nice herb crumbing, good napoli sauce, shaved ham, fresh basil leaves and heaps of mozzerella goodness - not fine dining but satisfying nonethless. Chips and salad are served with this beast - but as the picture dominates - its all about the parmie itself, and it was good - leaps ahead of the equally huge beast I remember demolishing a couple of years back. For those not so brave a half serve is available for $15, as well as a range of other menu options. The only thing I worry about is consistency, as friends visit here a lot and from what I here it can range from being average to excellent. Anyway - worth a shot I think.


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