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Sunday, September 28, 2008
Vue de monde: as good as it gets
I could easily go on for hours reliving the joys of eating at Vue de monde. Instead I'm taking the easy option and going to make it simple by saying that this is Melbourne's best restaurant. The service is amazing, the setting like no other and the food and experience in general largely transports you to another world. Everything about Vue de monde is world class and completely refined. I have eaten at numerous 3-hat restaurants accross Australia over the years and Vue remains my number one. The food is highly creative and their presentations are ever-evolving. If you haven't been to Vue de monde salivate over the pictures and descriptions, save some dollars (or get a credit-limit increase cos it certainly aint cheap) and get your backside down there to see why this is Melbourne's best restaurant.

Here's a summary of one of my recent meals at Vue.

Amuse Bouche: Pea and jamon soup with a jamon tartare served with a confit quail yolk on a lettuce raft. A classy way to tickle the tastebuds.

Jicama, braised abalone and crab salad with yuzu noodle and Sterling caviar. A very luxurious dish, carefully presented so each element can be enjoyed.

Linguini cooked in cep stock served with freshly shaved Manjimup truffle. In the mood for truffles I am presnted with this duo. A perfect linguini dish, finished with our exquisite Western Australian Manjimup truffles, dug up just days earlier. And a risoni of sorts, with fresh truffle gratings and some jellied cep spots.

French toast, green apple purée and foie gras flavoured with eight spice and jamon Serrano Gran Reserva. Another indulgence. The idea being to re-construct the elements, making little sandwiches. Fantastic fun.

Poached coral trout with spring onion, parsley purée, mandarin and spices. A lighter dish: this delicate poached fish was just perfect; with numerous condiments allowing one to enjoy the course in a number of different ways.

Poached breast and confit leg of chicken with handmade Brussels sprouts and mushroom reduction. Not one of the standout dishes: rather a good, clever chicken presentation. The "crackling" and brussels sprouts are very clever though - a reconstruction idea where a creamy brussels sprout filling is wrapped with the outer leaves making them look like the real thing. The crackling idea is also a bit of fun, and the chicken is well cooked but overall the dish does not excite me.

Poached loin of hare with a garlic purée, chestnut, yeast air and bread lattice. I'm lucky to be presented with this rare-breed hare dish towards the end of hare-season. The delicate meat is a joy to eat, just a shame the portion is so very small.

Four textures of beef, checkerboard of white polenta and beef shin, crispy chilli intercostal, confit of sirloin and flank with a pumpkin and yuzu stuffed baby squash. To end the meal I insist upon some good wagyu and am presented with this creative dish of grade 9+ Blackmore's wagyu done 4-ways. Each presentation has its own texture; the chilli intercostal not working so great for me tasting slightly overcooked. The other portions: a simple showcase of some rather special meat.

The meal is concluded with a selection of miniature teacakes. Scaled down from previous heights to more appropriate proportions this selection of petits fours includes a campari panacotta of sorts, a miniature meringue and a chocolate-coated raspberry sorbet sphere, providing a perfect end to a faultless evening.

Whilst I certainly have not visited them all I think that Vue de monde is probably Melbourne's best and most creative dining room. Dinner at Vue is a special experience and well worth the month or so you may have to wait for table. If you can think of a better place to eat in Melbourne I definitely want to know about it.

Vue de monde has been elevated back to three hat status in the 2009 Age Good Food Guide receiving a score of 18.5 out of 20.

MY RATING: 19.5/20 - Food 9.5/10 Service 5/5 Ambience 5/5 - A near perfect dining experience.

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At October 11, 2008 at 6:04 PM, Blogger thanh7580 said...

Yet another fantastic looking and sounding meal at Vue. I really must go back and enjoy the flawless execution of food and service there.

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